Dangerous Products

Dangerous medical devices; defective products, defective automobiles, and automobile parts; faulty machinery; and other equipment can cause life-altering injuries and death. But what makes this more problematic is that these injuries and deaths are predicted and expected by many product manufacturers and factored in as a “cost of doing business.”

Product Liability Mass Tort Litigation Experts

  • A product can become hazardous in a number of different ways, all of which present great danger to consumers: First, there can be a defect in the design at the earliest stage of development. Next, there can be a defect that arises during the manufacturing process. Third, there can be a defect in the marketing of a product, such as mislabeling or false advertising.
  • While some product manufacturers unintentionally make defective products, their conduct is sometimes negligent or reckless. In fact, manufacturers sometimes calculate the cost of paying legal claims due to death or injury as part of a cost of doing business. Manufacturer defects are sometimes thought of as only an economic cost to a company. But to the product consumer, the cost can be death or lifelong injury.
  • Every year, defective products cause millions of injuries and deaths. And product makers and their insurance companies forcefully defend product claims in an effort to dissuade plaintiff’s attorneys from pursuing action and to limit their damages.

Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys have the experience required to oppose large and powerful product manufacturers and their insurance companies. We do so by being relentless and by not being persuaded to settle for nominal damage amounts. Instead, we are among the few law firms in the country that are willing to spend the years and money necessary to take matters to trial.

  • Product manufacturers and their attorneys always posture, by alleging no liability and no responsibility for injury. But most of them never, ever want the case to go to a jury because they are deathly afraid of bad jury verdicts. They know and we know that juries are humans, and humans are sensitive to the plight of the individuals who have been injured by bad products.
  • The problem for many injured plaintiff’s is that many law firms don’t have the budget or the staff to take a lot of cases to trial each year, and the product makers attorneys know this. With this knowledge, product manufacturers and their counsel can offer small settlement amounts to these law firms to make them and their clients “go away happy.”
  • When product manufacturers and their counsel face our firm and our co-counsel attorneys, they are aware that we are not in a rush to settle any viable case, and in fact, we would prefer to bring the matter before a jury. Because of this, product manufacturers and their lawyers have to be prepared to write large checks to our clients to avoid trial. This is why we and our co-counsel law firms are among the nations preferred product liability law firms.