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Amatucci & Marston, LLC (AM Law) utilizes the most experienced and reputable litigators in the country to achieve the best results for our client. We co-counsel with law firms that are the most successful in the mass tort litigation business by specific cause of action. Not all litigation firms produce the same results for their clients. But our role is to select the best and the most successful co-counsel litigation firms to work with us in representing our clients.

Our Success

Our co-counsel litigators have produced incomparable results over the years to include successful verdicts and settlements in excess of one Trillion Dollars from the largest and most recognized drug companies and product manufactures in the US. In addition, one of our law firm’s focus is to widen the net of injured plaintiffs who are aware that they can receive damages for their injuries, and to allow them access to the compensation they are entitled to recover.

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Dangerous Products

Companies have a great responsibility to ensure their products are safe and reliable. When company profits are prioritized above product safety, innocent Americans are injured and sometimes lose their lives. Frequently, the threat of major litigation and the concern that a company has about its reputation motivates it company to recall dangerous and defective products. This is a sad realization that corporate conscience is motivated by the zealousness of plaintiff’s attorneys.

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Dangerous Drugs

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have the ability to ensure medications are safe. In addition, we rightfully assume that the drugs prescribed by our doctors are beneficial for our health, and are properly tested. However, in many cases, pharmaceuticals cause severe health problems that surpass the conditions they were intended to treat. In fact, drug companies frequently are aware that the risk of the drug is greater than the benefit to patients. Yet they still market the drug because the profits that can be earned from the sales of these drugs are greater than the likely payments to injured users.

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A Non Traditional Litigation Firm

Most mass tort law firms are limited by their internal legal staff, and many firms have great success with some torts (ie. injuries), but marginal success with other torts. Our law firm is not limited by the size of its staff or by its expertise in a particular tort. This is so because we are one of the few law firms in the US today that co-counsels with the best and most skilled litigators by tort/ injury in the USA. Depending upon the injury to our client, we will select the best firm to represent our client, and we hire them to work with us, as part of our team, in representing our clients. There is no additional cost to our client for having the benefit of two law firms representing them.

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The Amatucci & Marston Law team an unparalleled ability to produce results for their clients because they create a ``litigation dream team`` for every tort action.- S. Monticone, President of Exemplar Companies
The Amatucci & Marston organization is unique because of their approach to tort litigation. Most tort litigation firms are limited by the legal team they have on staff. A&M are limitless because they co counsel with the best firms in the US to produce the highest recovery for their clients.- F. Constant, VP Centarus Legal
AM Law is quickly developing a reputation nationally as the leading mass tort law firm. They have done this by ingeniously using the best and the brightest lawyers in the US for each and every injury by ``hand selecting`` the legal team.- A. Szabo, CCO and Exemplar Capital